“TseKo” is a trading and manufacturing company with 22 years of the Ukrainian market experience.

One of our company’s activity areas is production.

Currently all production powers of our company are concentrated in workshops which are staffed with all needed equipment. Manufacturing operations are held there, starting with drawing and finishing with packaging. It allows us to control quality of goods during all stages of production.

The workshop staff consists of qualified, initiative and motivated specialists with a lot of experience in their specialization.

Company manufactures following serial productions:

  • Door latches;
  • Door bolts;
  • Door openers;
  • Brackets for padlocks;
  • Door pull handles;
  • Mounting strips;
  • Escutcheons

Quality characteristics of serial goods manufactured by our company are not inferior to foreign and Ukrainian analogs and wins in the terms of price.

We primarily focus on the quality of our products at an affordable price for our customers.